Service Platform Fanvil’s Device Management System (FDMS)

System Overview

Fanvil IP Broadcasting & Intercom Unified Communication system is a one-stop solution based on IP communication protocol and standard SIP protocol as core protocol, combining with Help Intercom, SOS call, Emergency Broadcasting, Emergency Consultation, Visualized Dispatch, Real-time Recording, Video Linkage, Alarm Linkage and Digital Map. The system can be integrated with other systems deeply to improve the industry information management, reduce the enterprise operation and maintenance management cost, and improve daily work efficiency and emergency response capability.

The system could be configured easily. Only need to connect the devices to LAN or WAN network to setup a powerful digital communication system which can realize the integration of multiple networks systems including computer network, SOS help, public broadcasting, video monitoring, security alarm and office telephone. The system could be widely applied to multiple industries like highways, unmanned parking lot/sports hall/gym/supermarket, industry mine, education, rail, finance, prison, energy, electricity, medical, intelligent building and others.