Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone (Wall Mount)

  • Wall-Mountable
  • Call Hold, Redial, Transfer, Release
  • Volume and Ringer Level Control
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Paging/Intercom
  • Configurable Dial Plan
  • High Interoperability – Compatible with Major Platforms: 3CX, Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, Zycoo, etc.
DATASHEET H2S Hotel Phone (Wall Mount)
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Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone (Wall Mount)

Remarks: OEM Model (Able to print the hotel logo on the phone)

Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone has a single programmable key and can be mounted on the wall. The H2S is PoE and comes complete with all the standard phone features such as call hold, redial, and transfer.

Fanvil H2S is Wall-mounted, Simple and Space-saving Design. The new H2S is a wall-mounted IP phone which combines the advantages of its space-saving appearance and most commonly used functions of IP phone. It’s a good choice for the application scenarios of the hospital, education, general business, hotel and etc.

Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone (Wall Mount) - Fanvil Hong Kong - 香港代理


Phone Hotspot

Several phones share one number from server, and each phone has its extension number to contact/transfer/conference others.

Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone (Wall Mount) - Fanvil Hong Kong - 香港代理

Fanvil H2S Hotel IP Phone (Wall Mount) - Fanvil Hong Kong - 香港代理


Fanvil H2S – Technical Specifications

User Interface

  • Keypad dialing
  • Voicemail retrieval via keypad or programmable keys
  • 1 programmable key for speed dial or feature access

Configuration and Management

  • WEB and Telnet management
  • Auto-provisioning using TFTP/FT
  • Recover firmware and factory reset through POST mode
  • Upgrade firmware via FTP or TFTP

Enterprise Functionality

  • 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • VLAN and DSCP
  • VPN

Deployment Environments

  • Hospitality: Second guestroom phone or lobby phone
  • Education: Classroom phones
  • Retail: Point of sale phone
  • Healthcare: Patient room phones
  • General Business: Entry-level, single-port IP phone

Protocols Supported

  • SIP (RFC3261, RFC3262)
  • SDP (RFC2327)
  • (SIP) Subscribe/ Notify (RFC3265)
  • (SIP) Offer/Answer Model (RFC3264)
  • (SIP) Refer Method (RFC3515)
  • DTMF transport (RFC2833)
  • SIP INFO and in-band DTMF transport
  • RTP/RTCP (RFC3550, 3551)
  • (SIP)DNS SRV (RFC2781)
  • IAX2
  • Peer to Peer calling


  • Support basic NAT and NAPT
  • Support PPPoE for xDSL
  • Support DHCP Client on WAN
  • Support DNS Relay, SNTP Client, Firewall
  • Network tools in telnet server: Including ping, traceroute, telnet client


  • DiffServ /IP precedence; IEEE 802.3p


  • G.711 A-law and G.711 U law 64K
  • G.729
  • G.723.1
  • DTMF Tone Generation
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Built-in audio mixer


  • Voice encryption (RC4, etc.)